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Salvador Dalí (1904 - 1989)
Salvador Dalí drops into Café Gala in his own Teatre-Museu in Figueres.
S: Morning, Aleix.
A: Morning, boss. Oh dear, you look so sad. Still missing her?
S: Every day.
A: Drink? Casanova?1
S: Please. Go heavy on the "old" brandy.
Aleix serves the cocktail.
S: Delicious.
A: Good. Now, how can we cheer you up?
S: I don't think it's possible.
A: Look, I know she meant everything to you, but you had a good innings. Why not think about the times you had, the support she gave you? All your great work? Even the one of her with the rhino bits.
S: What does it matter?
A: Many people clearly think it does. It's not to my taste. A bit wacky. But dramatic and memorable. Maybe I shouldn't say all this to you if I want to keep my job.
S: You're alright, Aleix. I don't like yes-men.
A: So, come on then, let's celebrate the triumphs. Difficult but brilliant stuff.
Aleix refills Salvador's glass.

A: Start with the wanker one. Bit rude.
S: I've never been totally easy with sex, Aleix. My father showed me pictures I didn't like. It must have affected me.
A: Yes, it's often the case. What about the one with all the dripping watches?
S: It's just that everything is breaking up. Time. Space. Or it could be melting Camembert.
A: Ha-ha! Be serious. Any more?
S: Do you know the one with the tall woman, drawers in her legs?
A: I do. I'm not sure the Animal Protection League would like it.
S: OK, what about the cookbook we did?
A: I loved it. All the seafood. And that telephone!

1: Dalí's favourite cocktail. The original recipe required the juice of one orange, one tablespoon bitters, one teaspoon ginger, four tablespoons brandy, two tablespoons old brandy (Vieille Cure) and a pinch of Cayenne pepper.

Cheat if you must ;-)
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