The Blank Canvas
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Leonardo da Vinci (1452 - 1519)
Leonardo walks into his favourite bar in Via della Stufa, Florence.
LdaV: Morning, Gianni.
G: Morning, Leo.
LdaV: Caffè corretto, please.
G: Hmm ... things not so good, then?
LdaV: Gianni, please ... just give me the coffee.
G: Brandy or grappa?
LdaV: Grappa. Two shots.
G: Here you are. Now, Leo, why so sad? No work coming in?
LdaV: Not much. Patronage isn't what it used to be.
G: Sorry to hear that.
LdaV: Me too. Mind you, I am working on a new project.
G: What's that?
LdaV: Well, it's all about anatomy. The perfect form of the human body, that sort of thing.
G: Sounds interesting.
LdaV: Yes. Actually, I think you could help.
G: Ready and willing.
LdaV: Come round here. That's it, stand with your legs about two feet apart. Good. Now raise your arms out straight and sideways about a foot above shoulder height.
G: Is that right?
LdaV: Great. Now lower them until they're the same distance below your shoulders.
G: OK?
LdaV: Perfect. This is going to work. Thanks, Gianni.
A young, dark, round-faced girl walks into the bar carrying a basket of olives.
G: Hello, Lisa.
L: Morning, Gianni. Any olives today?
G: Yes, please. Five libbra of the Frantoio.
L: There you are.
Gianni pays Lisa and she leaves.
LdaV: She's nice.
G: Indeed she is.
LdaV: Lovely smile. Enigmatic. Come-hither eyes.
G: Steady, Leo.
LdaV: I feel quite hot thinking about it. Maybe I'll paint her some day.
G: Pigs will fly. Old family. You'll have to convince her husband Francesco.
Time for Leonardo to leave.
LdaV: I'll go and make a stab at the anatomy job.
G: Good luck. Why don't you come back for something to eat later? About 8pm? We're having friends round, lots of wine, farewell do for a mate.
LdaV: That's very kind of you, Gianni. I like a bit of supper. As long as it's not my last, eh?

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